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Window Dressing

Dreams can be a strange even bizarre experience! They don’t make sense. Such was one of my most recent dreams. I showed up at church and was met by a young woman on the front steps. We exchanged greetings and … Continue reading

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Advice From An Old Tennessee Farmer

Advice From An Old Tennessee Farmer Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight, and bull-strong. Keep skunks and bankers and lawyer at a distance. Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. A bumble bee is considerable faster than … Continue reading

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Address Unknown

The story is told of a man who was a constant witness for the Lord. All throughout his life he would tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a good witness.  His desire to be a witness … Continue reading

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Respect for Tarzan

An old man of some wisdom told me once, ” I’ll never fly in a plane.” I asked, “Why?” He responded to me saying, ” The Lord is not with you in those things. Don’t you know the scriptures say, … Continue reading

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Affects my Love Life

I have been putting off going to the doctor for a while now. I’m just not the type who likes to run to the doctor. It’s cost money to go, cost money for medicines, lose money from missing work, waiting … Continue reading

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Shoot it or Run from it?

One of the many advices I received from my mentor pastor actually came from his wife. She told me it was not appropriate to refuse food offered to you when invited into a home and served a meal. Even if … Continue reading

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Bad idea or Good?

The boy had a girlfriend. Like most young loves you display that love for your special sweetheart with notes. Everywhere you looked were the notes saying “I love …” They were on paper. They were carved out on wood. No … Continue reading

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