About Hoss

From childhood Uncle Henry tagged me with the nickname Hoss.

I am in my middle to late 50’s, [I know, I know… I don’t look nearly that old].

I am married to a wonderful woman, wife, mother and florist. Together there are four kids. All grow, at least biologically. LOL

Ordained minister with the SBC. However, it is God’s call on my life that is of greatest significance.

I am currently a Lieutenant in the state prison system [12+ years].

Notary Public in SC

Old-Fashioned in the philosophy of life. A ‘yes ma’am, no ma’am’ kind of old fashion.

I claim Romans 11:29, ‘for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable’ [NAS] as authority to continue preaching.

It is a great joy to preach God’s Word. Open for every opportunity to share the Sacred Word of God.

I guess I’m what some would call a contemporary southern baptist. I’m more about being a disciple of God’s Word than allegiance to a particular denomination.

I believe God deserves our best in conduct, worship, clothing and if jeans are what you have then jeans are fine. Not a big suit and tie guy. They are not mandatory for worship! More about the outside appearance as an indication of an inner relationship with God. There are actions, clothing, etc.. Which are appropriate and inappropriate. An honest enquiry of the Holy Spirit would reveal any questions.

Like blended music. Contemporary, hymns, quartet, and so on. As long as it is worshipful and not just to entertain. It’s the lyrics which make it Christian. Certain styles are more relative to worship than some.

I do not believe in a one church fits all. Find where you are compatible and where Grace abounds over legalism. Where the pastor is with you in the flesh so you can see his ministry being fleshed out in your discipleship journey.

Not all things of the world need to be revamped into the church. Better the church changes the world than the other way around.


6 Responses to About Hoss

  1. Penny D. Jones says:

    I like this Hoss. I need some good old gospel and thoughtful stuff to read to get my mind off of things and to also think about things in a different way!

  2. W. C. Wallace says:

    Brother Warren, I would like to visit with you all some time.
    Your friend in Christ, and also this world, W. C. Wallace

  3. Kandy says:

    Hoss! Very good food for thought. Hang in there!! Don’t be discouraged. We are praying for you and your family. We treasure your friendship. We all have daily challenges, especially those of us with blended families and struggle with small businesses. We miss you all.

  4. Larry B. says:

    We have missed you and Christy at church hope every thing is going good for yall.

    Larry & Candy

  5. Lucy says:

    Hoss, thanks for your friendship and stability. Your faith in God encourages many and I appreciate you . So glad to call you family. Your sister in Christ, Lucy

  6. Fan says:

    You have to keep going Hoss. Just a little bit farther and the second mile starts.

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