Flawed From The Start

The phrase ‘flawed from the start’ has been running through my head for a few days. Not sure why. I know it started while watching the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It occurred to me when I read where someone stated they were not watching the debate and I thought they would be dependent on media and other outlets for their information when they could have gotten it firsthand. 

These are the only times you can get an unedited, commercial free, beginning to end exposure to the candidates simultaneously. That’s important to me because sound bites, video clips and interviews are so easily edited and manipulated to say what someone wants them to say. Sound bites, video clips, and interviews are flawed from the start. They can’t be trusted. You can not put any faith in them. Social media is filled with photos of people and a quote as though they said it. Videos are edited to such a degree that a sensible person has to question the validity of them. 

I have no reason to give credibility to the person who didn’t watch the debate when they want to comment. The reason is they will be making statements based on edited versions whether it be media, mankind, or other manipulated material. 

Media is flawed from the start. So are you and I. I’ve seen first hand our local television investigative reporter share on the news distorted facts and the anguish it has caused. I do not trust news agencies! I do not trust their reporting. They report what they want to report. They stay away from reporting negative news about companies who advertise on their network etc. 

I don’t trust people in general. You can’t trust people. They have their own agenda. People use you, abuse you, and manipulate you. Why? Because they are flawed from the start. The bible calls it sin. Theologians call it ‘depravity.’ Being born in sin means we are all flawed from the start!  

Not paying your bills is a sin. (Not paying your bills because of you not getting paid adds to the frustration) A local business owner I know is going through a very difficult financial time right now. Part of the reason is because people have not paid what they owe the business. Other businesses have not paid what they owe. Why? The people and the businesses are all flawed and as such have taken advantage, manipulated, and outright lied about what they were going to do when paying what is owed. Thank goodness there are some people who have shown themselves trustworthy.

However, basically you cannot trust people, including family members. ‘I’ll pay you this weekend.’ Yeah, right! You cannot trust people, even some who profess to be Christians. It is one thing to profess and quite another to possess. Since when does one who claims to be a Christian go to another and tells them they are going to “destroy” them? Where is the biblical principle driving that kind of action? Is it the Christian thing to do? 

The holy Word of God tells us to put no trust in man but all in Him. Psalm 20:7 (KJV), Psalm 118:8, Romans 3:4. 

My conviction is the bible is teaching us to consider every person a liar until that person proves himself trustworthy. Why? Because mankind is flawed from the start. People see an opportunity to get money through allegations based on untruths and they dive right into it. Let’s sue everybody for everything. McDonalds sells hot coffee. If I order it I expect it to be hot. So how in this world can a person sue when they burn themselves with hot coffee? It is because they are flawed and were flawed from the start. 

A Sinless Person I’m Not! Perhaps I should have made this statement sooner. Let’s make it clear. I Am not Sinless. I have the same responsibility as any other person who wants to be trusted. I have to continually each and every day show myself as a trustworthy person. That I am worthy of your trust. 

Since the media cannot be trusted. Since sound bites, video clips, man-made manipulated comments cannot be trusted, what are we to do? It boils now to relationship. 

First you must have a good enough relationship with God through Jesus The Christ with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to discern what the will of God is and to surrender your will to God in order to do His. 

Second, you need to cultivate good relationships with people and discern who can be trusted and who cannot. God will help in that effort as well. 

Don’t vote for President of the United States who you want to be President. Consult with God (prayer 🙏) and follow his directives (bible 📖). 

Trust me! 👨

Until Next Time,


P.s. This article is mine and mine alone. It may offend. My hope is it doesn’t. My desire is for you to understand where I am coming from. Should you be offended, make your offense directed towards me alone if you are the kind of person this article offends. I realize not everyone likes to be told they can’t be trusted. However true it is. Consider this your opportunity to prove yourself trustworthy. 


About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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