Daniel 6:1-28 A Godly Man

Sunday School Lesson for June 22, 2014
Daniel had a real & precious relationship with God


N.T Background
Very similar to Nehemiah
Matthew 14:23; Jesus went up upon a mountain to pray
Matthew 26:41; Watch & Pray
Luke 18:1; Men ought always to pray
Luke 21:36; Pray Always
Luke 22:40; Pray not to enter temptation

O.T. Background
Similar to Ezekiel
Psalm 145:13
605BC; Nebuchadnezzar took Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael & Azariah
Everything was done to conform them to the world
They would rather die than willingly sin against God

Theological Background
God’s kingdom is everlasting
Christ is the Stone that will destroy all kingdoms
Without faith it is impossible to please God
Faith must be greater than reason and our feelings
True biblical Eschatology [study of last things] puts a strong emphasis on NOW!
True victory is not always ‘from’ but also ‘through.’

Exposition: Daniel was a godly man. {easily 85 years old}

Daniel was a godly man recognized by the world around him. [1-5]
He had an excellent spirit. v. 3
He was a man with no fault who was faithful and had no error. v. 4

Daniel was a godly man whose enemies plotted his downfall. vs. 6-9
No prayer for 30 days except made to Darius
The law of the Medes and the Persians means it shall not be changed.

Daniel was a godly man whose prayer life with God was more precious than life itself. vs. 10-13
Daniel knew about the decree.10
Daniel prayed anyway.

Daniel was a godly man whose faithful walk invoked the king to believe his God could deliver him from the lions den. vs. 14-22
The God whom thou servest shall deliver thee. 16
Is thy God able to deliver thee? 20
God sent His angel to deliver Daniel from the mouth of the lions.

Daniel was a godly man whose faith sustained him before, during, and beyond [after] the lions den. v. 23

Daniel was a godly man whose enemies were destroyed. v. 24

Daniel was a godly man whose God was exalted. vs. 25-27
He is the Living God.
He is the steadfast God.
His kingdom shall not be destroyed and His dominion will last forever.
He can deliver and rescue.
He works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth.

Daniel was a godly man whose life was prospered by God. v. 28

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