Why Bother?

There are times when I ask myself, ‘why bother?’ No one seems to care. It really doesn’t change anything. And besides, some folks like the fact that I’m bothered. It is perhaps a part of their goal.

In addition to this I am reminded these things are to be expected. They are told to be a future event. Well, the future is here.

Can anyone believe that I don’t hate a gay person but still find the gay lifestyle repulsive. Can it be I’m too ‘old-fashioned’ or some sort of ‘intolerant bible thumper’ when I speak against the same things spoken against in the bible?

I do not think the state laws, federal laws, or supreme court mandates trump the Word of God. I could care less if this state or that state bans laws against gay marriage. When it comes right down to it, it is the precepts and teachings of the Sacred Word of God which takes precedence.

It matters little to me if the ‘laws of the land’ agree with the Holy Bible or not. It is still the Bible which is the ‘absolute standard for living.’ You do not have to be a ‘believer’ for this to be true. I am resigned to strive and live according to it’s guidance and not some individuals legislative attempt to force unbiblical behavior on me as if it is to be the accepted norm for life. It is not.

You can choose to be gay just as I could choose to practice some other sin. Both would be sin. Both would be answerable to The Holy & Righteous God.

Perhaps if people would get serious about christian living, we would see a change for God. Otherwise, I suspect we will see more of the same repulsive acts throughout society.

The recent story I read of a woman forcing a small child to eat their own feces is repulsive. How can a human being even think of such an act, much less carry it out?

The dominant stories of grown adults having indecent liberties with children is repulsive. How can a human being even think of such an act, much less carry it out?

I have heard of recent newscasts where humans have had sex with animals! How repulsive is the thought of such. How can a human being even think of such an act, much less carry it out?

I see do difference in the act of gay lifestyles than any of the before mentioned repulsive acts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know something is wrong when you have manufacture ‘tools’ to assist in showing love.

I do not mean to be ill. What I pray for is people to abandon the ‘laws of the land’ which are in opposition to God’s perfect design for us to live happy god-honoring lives. Call me strange but I just think the One who made me knows best for me. And for You.

The teachings in the bible about loving relationships are not unclear. They are actually crystal clear. So are the teachings about parenting, pedophilia, and beastality. If the gay lifestyle is so clearly spoken against in the Bible and is becoming the accepted norm of a society, how long before the others are embraced as normal?

The bible speaks of letting your light shine so others can see God through you. Therefore you openly practice godly living. On the other hand, the bible speaks of the evil you do is done in darkness which suggest it is not to be practiced in the open. When it is you can expect to be identified with the sin.

I say this because people argue Christians force themselves on others and if they can then so can those who engage in non-christian behavior. Again, the Holy mandate is to show christian living in the light for all to see. Non-christian behavior is not to be. Non-christian behavior is to be repented of, confessed and restoration sought after.

Some many people have become so terrible good at resisting guilt and shame of sin, they loose real joy in what God wants for them. It is to their harm.

If you and I should spend some quality time thinking on the holiness of God, would we continue in our sin?

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About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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One Response to Why Bother?

  1. W C WAllace says:

    Brother Warren, you do an outstanding job in writing the Bog, although I sometimes feel that some
    people or the people that should read them, do not do so. Save you personal history for your personal contacts with the church officials, let them ask the questions that they are interested in, and all church officials do not have the same interest, but are more interested in a Bible Believing and Bible Preaching Preacher that is friendly with the people and available in the time of need, such as hospital visits, home-bound visits, and help with personal problems of the people in a
    very confidential manner. Brother in Christ, William Wallace, Jr.

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