Oh, to see the shekinah glory again!!

Sunday School lesson for May 18, 2014
{Taken from class notes from seminary course: Expositions of Great Old Testament Texts 1992-95}
Ezekiel 43:1-12

I. Background to Text

1. N. T. Background

(1) John 9:14-21; Jesus’ cleansing temple
(2) Mark 15:38; Tearing of the temple veil
(3) 1 Corinthians 15:34; Shame to have no knowledge of God
(4) Hebrews 12:2; Christ endured the shame of the cross
(5) Revelation 1:15
(6) Revelation 21:3

2. O.T. Background

(1) 605 BC; Battle at Carchemish. {an ancient city of the Hittites located on the West Bank of the Euphrates 63 miles NE of Aleppo.
(2) 597 BC; Jehoakim, instability, Ezekiel w/10,000 captives
(3) 593 BC; Ezekiel was ‘called.’ His 30th birthday. Ezekiel sees departure of chariot throne. God’s shekinah glory had departed. ICHABOD.
(4) Psalm 137; People were w/out hope.
(5) Ezekiel 33-39 Speaks of future restoration of Israel.
A covenant of PEACE.
A new heart & a new spirit. 36:16-38
The destruction of Israel’s enemies. Ezekiel 38-39

3. Theological Background

(1) As w/ Ezekiel, we too need to fall on our face before God.
(2) It is a humbling thing to come into the presence of a holy God.
(3) God’s holiness is at the heart of His attributes.
(4) God’s manifested presence in the midst of His people makes them distinct.
(5) God is worthy of our worship
(6) The temple is a symbol of God’s presence, His holiness, His provision and man’s hope.

II. Exposition – Shekinah = {dwelling, abiding} Glory

1. God’s shekinah glory will return. [1-5]
“The Millennial Temple” – Galeotti
a. God’s glory returns from the east just as it had departed. 1-3
b. God’s glory enters through the east gate. 4
c. God’s glory filled the house. 5

2. God’s shekinah glory will dwell with His people forever. [6-7]
3. God’s shekinah glory now calls for repentance & confession. [8-9]
4. God’s shekinah glory dwelling again in His wonderful temple. [10-11]
5. Causes them now to be ashamed of their sin.
6. God’s shekinah glory will make the temple holy. [12]

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