The Fall of Man

Genesis 3:1-24
God is Gracious 3:8-24
God takes sin seriously 3:14-24

Background of text
1. N. T. background – will tell us where we are going.
(1). John 3:16: The beginning. Forerunner of evangelism. [Gen. 3 is messianic.{: relating to or having the qualities of a messiah: supporting a social, political, or religious cause or set of beliefs with great enthusiasm and energy}]
God is one who shows His love and grace; not just say it.

(2). Romans 5:12-21 – ‘sin’ is singular but is all-inclusive. Death has come. Have Son, have life. Have not Son, have not life. Be concerned about spiritual death. Proclaim the word. Spiritual death is serious.
Adam serves as our representative. Death by sin upon all men. Jesus referred in verse 14 as one who had not sinned, who is figure of him that is to come. Note the significance of “one” in vs. 12-21.

2. O. T. Background
(1). God is infinite & Sovereign. Infinite = having no limits: extremely large or great. This is deep doctrine. Problem is there is more doctrine in our head than in our practice. Lordship underpins {= to strengthen or support (something) from below} the doctrine of O. T.
[1] God was before all things. v.1 {Not of God but God created.}
[2] God created all things. {Sin is a secondary cause}
Secondary = caused by or coming from something else
[3] God sustains all things. {Col. 1:17}
[4] God approved all things.

(2). Man is finite and dependent. Finite = having limits : having a limited nature, grammar : of or relating to a verb form that shows action that takes place at a particular time (such as the past)
[1] Man is a creature. Made from dust. In this sense we have kinship w/ others.
[2] Man is kin to God, made in His image. The Godhead @ creation consist of a physical Christ. God predetermined man to have image of Christ.

3. Theological Background. God makes man redeemable!
Genesis 1 is God’s introduction.
Of all of creation only man was created redeemable.

II. Exposition of Text
God is gracious and man is sinful. Genesis 3

1. 3:1-7 = Man is Sinful
(1) The Tempter = Serpent, v.1
Cunning. Satan spoke through the serpent. There is no truth in him. The question was stated in such a way as to take authority away from God & place it on man.
(2) The Temptation
Eve ‘cannot eat or touch’
Satan’s lie – ‘you shall not die’

The issue is authority. Where is it? Who has it? Pride is a sin. Satan did know the full force of death.
Three crisis’ in Church History.
Christological Crisis = relating to Christ
Soteriological Crisis = relating to salvation
Episteological Crisis = relating to knowledge

Authority is the issue today. Using the analogy of faith, where is the authority? ‘Final and absolute authority is God. The communication of God is delegated authority. This delegated authority is the Word {logos/communication} of God.’ All Adam & Eve had to say was, “God said…”

(3) The Thrust of Pride. v. 6 (1 John 2:16-17)
Faith is our response. Focus on God, His actions and words.

(4) The Tragedy ofDeath. v. 7
Spiritual death began. People more concerned about physical death.

2. God is Gracious. 3:8-24
(1) God came down. ‘If God doesn’t come down, we are not going up!’ This is amazing grace! Verse 8 is a Christophany? “Hell is the only place we can go where God will not seek you.” Prof. Galeotti

(2) God confronted them.
God knew where Adam and Eve were. “Where are you?” This is God’s way of saying He doesn’t accept excuses.

(3) God proclaimed the Curse(s) vs. 14- 19
A. God cursed the serpent [14]
B. God cursed the woman [15-16] This curse is not to be used to make woman second rate & unequal! With the birthing of a child comes the reminder of the ‘fall.’
C. God cursed nature. [17-19] This was done for the sake of man.
D. God cursed Satan [15] Enmity= tension, friction, hostility between her seed and him. Enmity is another reminder of the ‘fall.’ God takes sin seriously. Shouldn’t we?
It = he = seed= Christ. It is Christ who will bring the victorious death blow!
E. God cursed Himself with the greatest curse. [15] Upon the seed = Christ: {the cross is foreshadowed} God went all the way for us. We are to go all the way with Him. It is a Covenant.

(4) God clothed them. Animal skin. This is the first animal sacrifice.

(5) God cast them out of the Garden. This was an act of Grace. Eat of life in unredeemed state equals life of alienation.

Central Idea of Text [CIT] = The Sovereign God Redeeming Sinful Man. Sub-CIT: Because man is dead in sin, death is inevitable.
Purpose: Man needs God’s redemption

Suggested outlines
Reason for Redemption 1-7
Revelation of Redemption 8-13
Results of Redemption 14-24


How man sins against God. 1-7
How God perceives man’s sin. 8-13
How God reconciles man’s sin. 14-24


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Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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