The Duck Dynasty Debacle

Pope Francis I can voice his convictions and be widely accepted as coming from the lips of Almighty God Himself. However, persons of less notoriety and celebrity status can take a position mostly resembling the Pope’s and expect to be publically vilified. Such is the debacle associated with Duck Dynasty and it’s patriarchal leader Phil Robertson.

Phil Robertson voiced the position of the Holy Bible and God’s position against the practice of homosexuality. Because of his remark, GLADD, went crying to the A&E Network like a small child whining to it’s mother because someone offended him. GLADD wants to say the remarks of Phil Robertson were vile, etc., etc…

Now lets get some things understood. First, If I were sitting at my home and our little dog began humping on my leg I would immediately call him down. Why? Because it is un-natural. I would also be embarrassed. Just as a man trying to have ‘relations’ with a man is not natural. It shouldn’t have to take God to tell us that. [Romans 1] You can’t plug a male plug into another male plug. You won’t get any electricity but you may shock some people who are listening to you trying to justify the attempt. Never mind the females who have to add accessories to make what’s not natural appear legit.

Second, what makes someone think they are so much more intelligent than the One who made them? Did God screw up (pardon the pun) when He made you? Did you get the wrong parts? Or do you just have the wrong mind-set?

Second, I refuse to accept being labeled a homo-phobic. I’m not homophobic. I am a human who understands what is appropriate and what isn’t. I’m not angry at queers, lesbians, and the like. I am disgusted because people coward down to organizations like GLADD arguing for tolerance. Where’s the ‘tolerance’ for opposing views?

People cry out about being offended. Well, get over it. We all will experience that often enough. The Holy Bible will offend. It does not discriminate to whom it offends. You don’t have to be sexually perverse to be offended. The Bible offends me at times too. It exposes my sin and calls for my U-Turn from unacceptable behavior to that which God approves.

I’ll tell you something else. Just because you are queer, lesbian, transgender or ‘other’ {and this is a category one can choose in Germany if they are in doubt about their sexuality} doesn’t mean I can’t love you as another human created by the same God. Calling out your sinful lifestyle is being obedient to the call of God to be a ‘voice crying in the wilderness’ to ‘make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost.’ My obedience to God trumps my offending you.

The supportive thing to do for the GLADD community is to point out the sin, to love God and to love one another. The bible answers the question of the greatest commandment. To Love God. The second is to Love One Another. I would not be showing love for the homosexual community if I approved of the lifestyle. I would serving them a grave and eternal injustice. I work with people who are gay. I do not discriminate against them because of their sexual preferences. I do not brow beat the Word of God into them. I will if asked share what the God of the universe has told us all.

A&E Network ought to be ashamed of their decision to put Phil Robertson on an indefinite hiatus. The Christian community should react with prayer and action. Prayer is a great and wonderful start. However there are times when we need to put feet to our prayers!

GLADD and their supporters want to diminish the authority of God’s Word so as to find widen acceptance. They try to discredit the Sacred Scriptures and want to take the view that not all of scripture applies to the culture today. God has changed His mind? C’mon man, give me a break!

Where is the Christian community rallying to fight the injustices of people like those of the A&E Network?

God does not approve of homosexuality.

To justify homosexuality is to remove God from the equation.

To justify homosexuality is to open the door to justifying pedophiles and bestiality.

Phil Robertson has it right. Love God and Love one another.


Until next time.




About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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