Name It & Claim It, Blab It & Grab It

I was once told Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the spiritual leader of India, who died many years ago was noted for saying, ‘The reason I am not a Christian is Christians.’ Call the statement what you wish. There is a measure of truth to what he said.

When preachers get on television and milk people out of money, when they implore ailing and sick people to ‘put their hand on the screen’ to receive healing power and promote a philosophy where you’re told to simply state what you want in Jesus’ name and claim it in faith and wa-la you have it is a spiritual disgrace. The blab it, grab it philosophy leaves out a couple of important factors. Indeed we are told to Ask, Knock and it shall be given. There are a couple of considerations.

First is the ‘belief’ factor. There must be a measure of faith required. You have to have a trusting belief dependent completely on God. Second is the ‘will’ factor. Ask what you want but it must fall within the perimeter of God’s will. God may want you to have your request but now may not be the time. Also, God may just say no. It is His perogative. He certainly knows best.

On another note, please know when Jesus died on the Cross, was buried, and resurrected to be at the right hand of God the Father, He took away the need to go through a middle-man. You can go straight to God through your faith for healing, cleansing, salvation. The veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom symbolizing access to God.

The television preachers need to dismissed of our funding when they proclaim an errant gospel.

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About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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