De-sensitized Pastors

I left the pastorate in 2005 for what I thought was going to be a brief sabbatical. What was intended to be a time of renewal and repentance turned out to be a rejection. What I am about to share will not be pleasing to a lot of pastors and christian believers. It is however, a conviction I affirm that has merit, howbeit, unpleasant.

I made a lot of admonitions in my fourteen years in the pastorate with warnings about the speech and behavior of christians. I thought it was too easy for a christian to stop cursing, drinking beer, wine, and liquor.

The call for christians to stop screwing around as fornicators and adulterers was not asking too much. When it boiled now to it, all I was doing was regurgitating the biblical admonition for Christians to be ‘Christian.’

Was it so unreasonable to expect a christian to be disciplined in their walk with The Lord? I mean ‘Come On’ let’s be honest about your relationship with Jesus. Christian, stop your lying!

Then, it happens. I’m no longer preaching behind the sacred desk [pulpit]. I’m working the third shift as a stock boy for Ingles grocery store. I’m without a home. My family, for all I can tell, is gone. I have ‘christians’ to thank for most of that.

I’m ‘kept at a distance’ from my fellow pastors. Nothing more than a token attitude of piousness is received from them. Guilt, shame, and the general, ‘I want nothing to do with him’ was the prevailing attitude I got from my fellow pastors and christians.

About now is when you, the reader, is thinking ‘he’s angry bitter and just spewing sour grapes.’You are partially correct. However I am also spewing truth.

Let me tell you another truth. I did not realize how de-sensitized I was from the way people truly behaved. The profanity, openly sexual perversions, abundant alcohol consumption and alternate lifestyles were every where!

I do not believe pastors realize the epidemic of sin among the lives of ‘christians. Pastors are so de-sensitized to the wickedness in our world that they think christians want to live godly lives. No, they don’t. Not really. Besides that, it isn’t easy enough for them to live godly lives. It takes effort. There is no such thing as a casual christian.

Pastors think christians care about versions of the bible. No they don’t. They could care less about your 1611 KJV or your NIV or even your Living Bible. Most cannot tell you the major leaders in the Bible much less within their own denomination.

Now let the leaders feud and they will give an ear. Let the holy pastors, religious leaders be revealed for their own sinfulness and they will flock to catch the latest news report outlining their ‘fall from grace.

Christians don’t care about hell, only about heaven. And they will claw at any thing other than God’s way of salvation to try and merit their entrance.

Now, let me ask, should we be surprised? Evangelists caught in sinful lifestyles. Pastor moving away from God’s Word and embracing sin. Churches accepting what God rejects.

I am reminded from reading God’s Word that this world is predicted to move away from God. it tells us ‘as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when Jesus returns.’

The bible tells us ‘blessings and cursing should not come from the same lips. These things ought not to be.’ But it does. Where I work at, we are admonished in our monthly leaders meeting to be professional. I can tell you with great certainty that does not include our speech!

Christians curse as much as non-christians. Christian are just as filthy in their vocabulary as the wicked lost infidels. Christians screw around just like the hell-bound. That’s why the pastor and the church has lost it’s integrity.!

The church cannot tell the world to live righteously when they themselves do not. The pastor has lost his senses on how wicked the world is and how little authority and respect he has in this world.

Churches are doing all they can to get people to come to their place of service including letting them stay at home and worship in their pajamas via the internet. Perhaps reducing the sacrifices made by the people will get them to the word. The bible does say, ‘faith comes from hearing the word.’ Trouble is most of the Word they hear is to ‘tickle their ears.’ If the Word gets too troublesome they can always ‘log-off.’

Pastors, y’all keep harping about the right translation of the bible to use. Keep bringing in the entertainers to ‘please the folk,’ and preach feel good sermons and enlarge the numbers on your roll. Maybe you’ll get a sense of accomplishment, Imagine how I felt at one of my churches when several of our members on our roll were buried out back in the churches’ cemetery!

I tell you a truth from these previous words. I too was once de-sensitized to the way christians lived. I actually thought they wanted to live godly lives. I thought they would truly let the Holy Spirit change them.

For example, I receive word recently where an acquaintance and her boyfriend were baptized on Sunday. The next day, they moved in together. Not married, but Christian?

The people in the church-house, including the pastors, have brought the world into the church rather than impacting the world. You don’t believe me? At the time of this writing, generally speaking, churches are getting ready to make their people feel good by honoring the graduating students and recognizing Mother’s Day. Both of these activities are sternly encouraged in the bible. [No, not really].

God bless those graduates and godly moms but I’d like to hear the testimony of the believers. How did they/you get saved? I’d like to hear some ole time preaching, Biblical, anointed, empowered by the presence of God.

The world believes they can live without you and your church.That’s why they don’t come. You will see them when you have something they need; like a show of love when they need help paying their light bill or tragedy hits home. Like ticks on a hound dog, they suck the life’s blood out of a church and give nothing back. Don’t get me wrong. We should help in God’s name and in God’s way. But face reality.

Pastors are de-sensitized to how wicked the world is and the professing christians sitting in the pew really are. Course, they are looking back at you.

Until next time,


PS. Some words display a harsh tone. It is my conviction. While I felt these words could offend, it is my desire they be judged for merit and then correct the course of our families. Then you will see the church, nation, and world in more harmony with God’s guidelines for righteous living.


About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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