About that rock in your pocket

Just before Christmas my wife and I challenged the children, neices and nephews to select a rock and make it their own. We asked them to do three things.

1. Name and color it. [making it their own.]
2. Bring it with them to the Christmas Eve family gathering.
3. To keep the rock with them at all times.

About a week later I asked them the following three [3] questions
1. Do you still have your rock?

2. Did you keep your rock with you at all times? If No… please tell me why?

3. Were you tempted to leave it at home? If yes…. please share why?

Here are some of the responses:
“I went snow tubing and left my rock at home and that’s where I forgot it. I’m at my fathers house. So wasn’t tempted just forgot it”

“I have had my rock most everyday. I have forgotten it once tho. I wasn’t ever tempted to leave it. I just forgot it”

“Isaiah, Lindsey and TJ still have their rocks. They said sometimes they did not remember it. But they said they never left it on purpose. ”

“I have my rock in my pocket now… I forgot it last night because i didnt have a pocket on my pants but I have had it with me everyday except then ”

“No because I was always running this week with moving.”

“I’ve had mine with me most of the time.”

So it appears almost everyone at least tried to carry their rock. There was a couple who just didn’t try and another who simply didn’t even bother to get herself a rock.

Now I am using this blog to do three things…

One is to share this experiment.
Second is to ask the remaining questions to the challenged and
Third is to share the lessons.

Here are the remaining questions.

1. How did having the rock with you change your behavior?
2. Was it ever good/fun/inconvenient/comforting? How did you feel?
3. Has anything else been ‘with you’ in the same way? What?
4. Is the idea that Jesus is always with you somehow different to you now? How so?

As Georgia rushed to a resulting lesson and stated, “I have my rock with me, it is Jesus.’ True. HOWEVER, that’s not all of the lessons.

Where did you go and what did you do that Jesus should not have liked? If any?

How often did you touch the rock in your pocket and think about it being there? Therefore how often do you think of Jesus?

Did you spend the night with Jesus?

So many of you said you ‘forgot’ your rock. Don’t ‘We’ forget Jesus our Rock a lot too? What did you do when you realized you forgot your rock? Did it make you feel bad? Did you go back to get your rock?

One of you said you were ‘too busy.’ I appreciate your honesty and if the truth be told many times all of us think we get ‘too busy’ for Jesus.

Do you feel any different about Jesus when you think about what is similar between him and the rock in your pocket?

Do you plan on making any changes in your life from this experiment?

The rest of this challenge is for everyone who was a part of this challenge, whether you actually did it or not, to answer the previous questions and share them with me.

There is one I believe will take the time to respond. Without a doubt, I will hear from her. There are a couple more girls I truly think MAY respond. The rest I’m not sure about. Should I be more optimistic? Perhaps so. Here is your opportunity to teach me two things:

1. What this experience meant to you?

2. That may be, perhaps, I should be more optimistic.

Until Next Time,


P.S. What are you going to do with your rock [Rock]?


About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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2 Responses to About that rock in your pocket

  1. Raye says:

    OK I had the rock, named it rock, but forgot and left it on my desk until right now. Once again I was reminded about the time that I walked away from The Rock. I always knew where he was but I just left him on the desk and walked away. But I’m back now and I love where I am.


  2. leannelaws says:

    This was a good idea of how to think of god in a different sense. I think i might try this with my family next year, i have some who need to get closer to god ( including me ) thanks for the new perspective

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