Let’s Set the Table

We Americans like to get to the bottom line. We rush for the answers to why? What? And How? The cries for explanations for the behavior of people abound daily. This week’s incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has raised the cries a few more octaves. And rightly so.

The issues abound from gun control to security to diseases and even the spiritual. The gun didn’t kill but the person behind the gun is responsible. Security isn’t the issue because security can be breached and was in this instance. Asperger’s syndrome isn’t to blame. Developmental disorders abound indeed but seldom can be sited as solely responsible for the actions of a person.

Course, there are those who want to blame God. After he is All-powerful, every where present and loves unconditionally. God could have stopped this is the cry often heard. Where was God when All this and every other tragedy took place?

God is where He is welcomed. God is limited to carrying His intentions by His gift to us. That ‘gift’ is the freedom to choose. In other words, we have a will and with that will we can choose what God wants for us and go against Him. Therefore, God is not to blame. We are. Do you feel any indirect blame for this and other tragedies?

Had God never allowed us the freedom to choose we would never truly been human. Without a free will we are puppets on God’s controlling strings.

So what is the answer. I am not trying to simplify this or any other tragedy with my answer. I may be scoffed at or held in contempt but here’s my take just the same.

Using the analogy of a table, let’s set my hypothesis.

Consider the table to represent your heart. It has to be cared for because it is used often and the load can be light or great.

Think of the table-cloth as faith. Your table/heart must be completely covered in faith. Faith is essential. Without it you prowl around in the dark with your arms outstretched trying to find your way.

The place-setting represent the adventures of life. You will experience the cup of sorrow and the glass of joy. Your plate holds that which nourishes you. It is best filled with the right relationships.

The eating utensils can represent aspects of the relationships which ought to occupy your plate. The knife cuts just like the Word of God. [see Hebrews 4:12]. The fork represents the Spirit of God which abides inside. It is where the Holy Spirit dwells. The spoon holds the relationship we have with the church. It’s a fellowship.

So all of this analogy, as foggy as it seems, is put forth to say it comes to a matter of the heart. When we hear preachers, christians, and such say “Jesus is the Answer” this is what I think they mean.

Your heart can be guided by world views that leave God out. Strange that the character traits our nation wants people to have are found within the pages of God’s Word. For instance, we should value life. From the womb to the nursing home. We should respect people in speech and behavior.
These are in agreement with God.

The Christian community can diminish incidents like that in Connecticut if we will urgently promote the need for Jesus in the heart of all mankind.

Place you faith in Jesus allowing him into your heart so you can be the kind ofperson God wants you to be and this nation needs.

Hopefully I didn’t muddy the waters with my contribution. I just believe God wants us to freely choose the best life we can have and that life is found in living for Jesus and according to the teachings of Holy Scripture.

My plea is found in God’s Word…

“O land, land, land, Hear the word of the Lord! (Jeremiah 22:29 NASB)

Until Next time,



About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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