My Camping Vacation

In my 50+ years I can only recall 3 times where I’ve gone camping. Once on a mission trip. Another is where I stayed overnight with friends. And then this trip. What a trip! Here’s how it has gone for us.

The day of our departure ushered the demise of our new grill. Secured with bungee cords (or thought to be secured) the infra red grilling machine took a plunge off Matt’s truck and onto highway 56 not five miles from the house. Scraps, dislocations, disassembled parts lay scattered on the ground. My advice was to load up the pieces and take it back home. However, it was “voiced” to take it on to the campsite.

On the way to the campsite our party was enlarged times three. That lasted for four days.

The paddle boat is in the water. It’s working just fine! Orders from owner were, do not jump off paddle boat into water, do not turn boat over because it Will sink, and life jackets. Two hours in the water and all three rules violated! KIDS!!!

Day two: Monday
Man did it storm last night! Thunder, lightning, wind and rain. So the boys ended up sleeping in the floor of the camper. Tents we’re blown down. Would have been better if time had been taken to put tents up right but there again, Kids!

A fallen branch punctures a hole in the canopy on the camper. But the day is just starting.
The rest of the day was saturated with whining, bickering children. Arguing, put downs, barking out orders, making fun of each other beyond teasing. Then I recall we have Two campsites rented. Somehow all waking hours has to be spent with momma.

Day three: Tuesday
This is the day of continuous whining, bickering children. Arguing, put downs, barking out orders, making fun of each other beyond teasing.

Later on today I check my messages on my phone and find pictures of damage to our house from the storm that went through. The chimney flute and top laying on the ground. The swing was blown over on the ground. Now I wonder about rain damage.

Day four: Wednesday
Oh glorious day! The pontoon arrives! Excitement abounded. That was up until it actually got to the bank at our campsite. Something was definitely wrong. The back of the pontoon was about to go under. Water was at the floor of the boat. The front stuck up like a ramp aiming skyward. The boat was tied off and has sat out there for two days. Least it looks good. The part that’s out of the water anyways.

Day five: Thursday
This is the day my bride and I take a personal trip to see our Aunt June and grab a big meal at Shealy’s Bar B Que. We checked ahead and found they were open for the fourth of July. Did I mention today is the fifth of July? You guessed it. Closed until the nineteenth! So the three of us take off to the local fishing supply store and munch on burgers and fries. Yes, at a fishing supply store/convenience store. LOL

Day six: Friday
The owner and his wife are on there way to get the pontoon. Gonna try to figure out what the problem is. Stay tuned.

I enjoyed working with Randall. I regret his troubles with the pontoon but working with him and brainstorming on solving the delima was nice. After a trio of truck inner tubs and a tow and a couple of explanations to the park rangers, the pontoon was safely out of the water.
Next comes the diagnosis.

Day seven: Saturday
We leave for home
We arrive at home

Nothing’s changed. Still dread work and still need time to recoup, regroup, and re-energize.

I Need A Vacation!

Until Next Time,



About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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