Does God Involve Himself in the life of Mankind

God is limited.

There are those who subscribe to the theory that God indeed created the earth and all it’s inhabitants. After His work He then took the earth in his hands, so to speak, and wound it up like a fisher-price toy and is now out there somewhere watching it spin.

Then there are those who subscribe to the teachings that God is involved in the life of mankind. And in fact is very involved. All one must do is look at the lives of Noah who was interrupted and given the command from God to build an ark, and Abraham who heard from God to get up and move to an undetermined location. There is Moses who investigated a burning bush and came away with an edict from God to go back to Egypt and be an instrument of deliverance for God’s people.

God was active in Joshua’s life, battle of Jericho, Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem. Multitudes in the Old Testament are paraded before as examples of God’s direct involvement with mankind.

We have no shortages in the New Testament. Mary and the virgin birth, Joseph and his wife to be, the apostles, and without question there is Saul later called Paul. SeeActs chapter 9.

I bring up this topic because of recent events in our local community. For approximately twenty-six hours local law enforcement and rescue personnel searched for a missing little boy. The child was 21 months old. I’m glad to give praise to God that the boy was found safe and to give great thanks to all who searched.

During the search a public statement was made on a popular social media that suggested God caused this boy to become lost so people would give Him praise when the boy was found. The comment was a demonic swipe at the praises going up to God for caring for the boy till he was found.

Do I think God intervened? Yes, I do. When you consider the overnight weather, the tough terrain, and the number of wild animals in the area, including coyotes, it is no small miracle. This instance brings up the only area where God is limited. It is our will!

God limited Himself in allowing this little boy, from all reports we have thus far, to exercise his own will to go outside and venture away. All of us regardless of age have the freedom to go against God’s will for our lives. When we do, it does not take God by surprise. He knows full well beforehand what we will do. He is God. Because we have the freedom to chose does not make us puppets on a string. It makes us responsible for our decisions. If our wills were not ours to relinquish and governed exclusively by God without our ability to chose then our worship of Him would be nothing more than a toy.

Our worship of God is more valuable because we are free to decide our paths. To belong to God as His own possession is to relinquish our will to Him. Does God have a right to do anything He desires in your life and with your life? Do you think about this when you sing the old hymn, I Surrender All?

I spoke with my uncle Bobby who lives in Georgia. He has been paralyzed from his waist down for many years as a result of a car accident. He is in a Florida hospital recovering from shoulder surgery which has added more paralysis. He’s been unable to move his arms and hands. He insisted on being transferred to a rehab hospital.

While working with him they determined it was too early for rehab. He had to have his arms lifted so tests, x-rays and such could be done. Uncle Bobby told me today that after everyone left the room he prayed to God to be granted the abilities he had just before the surgery. He didn’t ask for all mobility, just what he had before.

Within moments he was moving his fingers, his hand, and then his arms. He called for the therapist to come and see. If you were to ask Bobby if God intervenes in the daily life of mankind, he was say with a resounding confidence, “yes, absolutely yes!”

I trust you can see God working in your life. Ask Him to show you. Allow Him to do what He wants.

Be blessed inHis Care.

In His Service,



About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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