Spiritual Autobiography

I was born in 1959, the middle child of three. My life was enveloped with poverty. Dad was blinded at birth. Mom had been a Siamese twin at conception though God performed a miracle separation while she was still in the womb. However the physical limitation hindered mom and dad from having gainful employment. Thus the childhood of poverty.

My upbringing was financed by the generosity of others. Mom worked at a sewing plant while dad took the three of us kids with him to various mills, shopping centers and even the local fair to ask for help from the people who passed by. He was a beggar. We helped.

Our obvious financial condition resulted in unpleasant treatment from classmates in school and Sunday School. We were to be the butt of jokes, ridicule and bullying. And yes it took place in the church as well. So you see that we grew up in church. At least until us kids made it so hard for our parents to get us to go that they finally gave up.

I reached my senior year in high school when it happened. April, 1978 on a Sunday night, I was traveling home when I decided it was time to confess what I already knew to be true. If I died right then I would not go to heaven. I would go to hell. I had not genuinely trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

There on the side of the road, I reflected on the many times I was convicted of my need. This time I acted. I asked Jesus to save my soul, to forgive me of my sins and to be my Savior. I believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was that night in April, 1978 that Jesus saved my soul.

I’m trusting Him today as I did that day in April. I’m going to heaven when I died because of what Jesus did. Not just for me but for all who will believe trusting in Him. Do you?


About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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