Family ties: what do you remember

A family reunion is soon approaching. My family and kin have given so much to me. It is my pleasure for my wife and I to use our home as the gathering place. The only limitation is I sometimes feel like I don’t get to chat with family enough to go down memory lane. So I will take the journey here.

Where to begin is always the toughest so I’m taking the geographical approach combined with sisters and brothers of my mom. In order words, starting with the closest aunts and uncles and moving out from there.

Bobby & Arlene:
I remember the frequent trips to the country to see them and my cousins. We lived in the city and took the long journey to their country home. It took so long to get there. Probably only 15 miles or so but so long a trip. We always knew we were getting close when we smelt the “daisy farm” as dad called it. Actually was a pig farm.

It was at uncle Bobby’s and aunt Arlene’s that I experienced “the out house.” It must have been the place of great release for not only was it the place for obvious release but also served as a conference center for the sisters. One of the great mysteries of my childhood was wondering why the sisters would gather there to talk?

I grew up when long hair was the norm for boys in school. Dad got uncle Bob to cut our hair. My brother and me. We both left the barn with a “crew cut.” Oh the pain!

Tom & Joan:
If driving to uncle Bobby & aunt Arlene’s was a long trip then the trek to aunt Joan’s required a passport. Hardly another 10 miles past aunt Arlene’s, but wow it took a while. Seemed that way as kids.

They had their own out house. Nice little trip down the path to the “release center.”

There were man times I spent the night with Ricky and Roger. Good cousins.

It was at aunt Joan’s that I learned you don’t come to the supper table without a shirt on! I think she started the “no shirt, no service” rule for all eating establishments.

I think I got this confused but I was told by her to be careful eating the blackberries we picked because of bees being in them. I was thinking she meant the blackberry. I now think she was talking about the bush.

It was here that the kin got together. They would come from Florida, Louisiana, Columbia S.C., and who knows where else. Found memories here.

Uncle Bobby & Aunt Christine:
Roadside signs from dirt roads and reflectors at bridges. That’s all I’ll say about that. Pleading the fifth!

How bout a deck of cards, spoons for all players minus one, and watch out for the Jack!

First taste of frog legs, deer meat, halibut and riding a glider boat fishing for halibut. Closest I’ve ever come to feeling like a Muslim. We all knelt when the net was thrown. Escaping the backlash of seaweed. Cool ride!

Doing laps in the late night around the town square. Which way to Tallahassee?

More recently, fishing at the local pond, and “small salad” at Longhorn’s. attending services at the Methodist church. Nice.

Red & aunt Pat:
My memories of aunt Patsy is knowing her as the “fun” one. She jokes, cuts up, and talked with the most northern accent. Two boys, cousin Chris and Billy.

Somehow I have the memory of Patsy living in Louisiana and working with the oil industry. Not sure where I got that.

I also remember it was aunt Patsy that brought Bo back to reality after he was terribly scared by a train. Bo is my nephew. He was a very young baby at the time of his scare.

Uncle Jimmy:
Now the most intriguing man I knew when I was young. I always looked forward to seeing him. It wasn’t very often. The family would gather out in the “distant” country at Arlene’s or Joan’s. You could count on Jimmy for laughs and entertainment.

Strange that I didn’t talk to uncle Jimmy a lot. I liked to observe him. I guess I felt intimidated for some reason. I did and still really like him.

I remember staying with him and Uncle Bill in Florida when Mr. Limburger died. We cousins went to Tampa Bay late that night. Did you know they had a curfew back then!

Uncle Don:
From Lakeland to Tampa. Stayed with uncle Don. I remember my cousin Pam, fixing some mashed potatoes for supper. Gave a new definition of adherence. LOL

I remember being at his home one morning and hearing the radio DJ playing rubber band man seven times in a row.

So many more memories:
Kissing cousins
45 rpm for Cricket
Devil’s tears at Aunt Joan’s funeral
Party line phone at Aunt Joan’s
chiggers, snakes, and sears catalog

Now a special invite for my readers. If you have read this I invite you to leave your comments about your memories.
Rather they are left on comment from blog than from FB. Thanks. Hope to hear from you.


About Hoss

Married w/ 1 daughter & 3 step-children . Ordained minister. I do supply preaching every opportunity I get. Currently employed in a state prison system. Wife & I own a flower shop in a nearby city. I am approaching my late 50's, although I certainly don't look like it.
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2 Responses to Family ties: what do you remember

  1. Raye says:

    What are devil’s tears?? raye

  2. Warren says:

    When Aunt Joan died, the family came out of the church into a drizzle of rain. Joan’s sister, Christine, said it was tears from devil because he lost another soul to Jesus.

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