EagleSaints: An Endangered Species – Stirring Up The Nest: Message #5

Eagle Saints: An Endangered Species

Stirring Up The Nest: Message #5

Isaiah 40:31; Deuteronomy 32:9-15

During the fledgling period the most important thing the eagle has learned is that his mom and dad love him very deeply. We saw that last week in the loving kindness of the eagle. They have expressed that agape love through their provision and protection of the eaglet. They have established such a relationship with their parents that they know that mom and dad only have their best interest at heart. Like most moms and dads, the parents realize the value of a good education. Now it is time to enroll them in Eagle Elementary.

But like most children, the eaglets don’t see quit like their parents. You see, up until now, they’ve had everything handed to them on a platter so to speak. If they were hungry all they had to do was squawk and mom filled their mouth. If they were cold, mom would cover them from the elements. If they were in danger mom and dad would conquer their enemies. Dad has even brought in trinkets for them to play with, and they have  experienced leisure and luxury all of this time.

But mom realizes that the days of leisure and luxury are short-lived and the time has come for them to become what they were intended to be – Eagles.

Well, Christians too sometimes do the same things. We become somewhat complacent and settled into a life of leisure and luxury. We need the same thing these eaglets are about to get. She’s about to stir up the nest. We too need to become all that we are intended to be. I want to share with you how eagle sainthood is attained.

I.    Eagle Sainthood Is Attained Through Change. v11

Mama knows how complacent those eaglets have become in their rabbit fur-lined brooding area. But if they are going to be all God intended for them to be, there must be some
changes made. She will fly in one day with her hackles up and lights on the side of the nest and begins to jump up and down and squawk. She jumps down into the brooding area, squawking and jumping up and down. She picks up the toys and trinkets and throws them over the side. She takes the rabbit fur lining and throws it over the side. Anything that has to do with comfort is done away with. Then she just flies off. They have never seen mom act like this and now they are glad the old battle-axe is gone. But it is through this change that they are about to learn one of the most valuable lessons of their lives.

They climb back into the nest and start to settle down only to learn that the padding is gone and now they can’t sit around as they did before because the sticks are too sharp.
Every day now their talons grow stronger and their sense of balance improves. They are learning to stand on their own two feet. Now they are going to get out of the nest and learn to stand on and trust in the rock.

Well the same thing is true with the eagle saint. Sometimes God has to stir up our nest to teach us to stand on The Rock. You see, all we can learn while perched on a padded pew
is the principles of eagle sainthood. What we need to do now is practice those principles we have learned. Now we need to learn to stand on and trust in our Rock; the Rock of our salvation, Jesus Christ. Like the eagle, the proving grown is what you do between your visits to the church and how well you apply what you learn in church. All too often we try to stay within our comfort zone.

II. Eagle Sainthood Is Attained Through Challenge.

“Taketh them and beareth them on her wings.” Those eaglets are in for the longest night of their life now. Tonight the insulation is gone and mom and dad are not going to cover them with their wings. They’ve got to learn who and what they are. They are going to stand on that rock all night. Notice something about mom and dad.

A. The Charge To The Family.

Mom and dad are both in agreement on this. They realize the importance of unity in their decisions. Unlike a good many families today where one parent tries to teach the children
what’s right and expect them to do what’s right while the other makes snide remarks toward the one who is trying to do right and doesn’t care about anything but himself/herself. A house with that kind of division is doomed to fall. The next day they will be presented with a challenge they have never known before. A breakdown in family unit.

B. The Challenge Of Faith.

The next morning mama moves over close to one of the fledglings and nudges him with her head as if to say, “climb on my back son.” And that fledgling is looking for mama’s
warm body after that cold night. So he climbs on. Much to his surprise, mama takes to flight with him on her back. So he lays low on her back and digs in deep with his talons and holds on tight. Daddy eagle takes off at the same time and he flies right behind her. Mama turns almost straight into the sun and climbs for several hundred feet. All of a sudden she turns over and flies on her back. That fledgling falls off and begins to squawk and flap and flutter.
But mom and dad don’t come as before. He falls faster, flaps harder, and flutters longer. Mom and dad are still watching. Just about the time he thinks he is going to meet his doom, daddy goes into a dive and he swoops down catches him and carries him back to the rock safely. Now you know the significance of the mating ritual mom initiated before the marriage rite. This accomplished two things.

1. His Fear Of Flight Was Conquered.

He will know more about what to expect the next time and he will not be so reluctant to take the initiative.

Well that serves as a lesson to us. The first time we step out on faith we are scared to death. But each time we go then serves to conquer our fear.

2. His Faith In His Father Became Concrete.

That fledgling learned something about his father that he will never forget as long as he lives. And that is that THE FATHER CAN FLY FASTER THAN HE CAN FALL AND THAT HIS SECURITY LIES IN HIS FATHERS STRENGTH AND NOT HIS OWN!!!

Can you imagine what an impact Christians would have on this world if we could just learn that one lesson? We talk about our faith but we don’t exercise much of it. It’s time for us to get out of the nest, conquer our fears and exercise our faith! Not only is there the challenge of faith, notice:

C. The Challenge To Follow.

The next day starts out the same way but usually by the second try he learns what his wings are for. Now daddy takes over and he issues the challenge to “follow the leader.” While daddy soars, that fledgling flaps frantically behind him. All of a sudden the little one starts to go down. This time daddy handles it differently. He has five primary feathers on each wing. Now he turns those feathers so that creates a draft and an up wind that actually lifts and pulls that little eagle up and under him. That little bird can even fold his wings
now and not fall because he is actually flying under the power of his father.

What can we learn from that? Well, in biblical numerology, 5 is the number of grace and the wind represents the Holy Spirit. So that teaches us that we are not operating under
our own power but under the power of our Father because it was grace that saved
us and grace that keeps us. And the Spirit of God will never challenge us to
follow where the grace of God can’t keep us. So we have no need to fear!!!!

The lessons we learn from this message are these. That little eaglet kept moving forward by the grace of his father.

1. God wants us to get out of the nest and learn to soar as the eagle saints He designed us to be.

2. He wants us to be like that daddy eagle and rescue the perishing and care for the dying and realize that Jesus is wonderful, Jesus can save.

3. If you are lost, you are like that falling eagle and you are falling straight into Hell. But the timing of God is never off. He can still save you. But like that baby eagle who screamed for his dad, you must call on Him. “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”


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