Eagle Saints: An Endangered Species The Loving Kindness of the Eagle Message #4

Eagle Saints: An Endangered Species The Loving Kindness of the Eagle Message #4

Isaiah 40:31, Deuteronomy 32:9-13

The love of the Eagle is something that is unmatched in the animal kingdom. We could draw an analogy between the love of the eagle and the love of God. The Agape love that God expresses toward us is seen in the eagle. This is a love that never takes but always gives of one’s self for the good of someone else. This is something you rarely see in humans. Not all but the majority of humans live very selfish lives and are not concerned with anyone but themselves. Marriages are entered into today only after drawing up what is known as a ‘nuptial agreement.’ That is, a couple will sit down and decide what they want out of a marriage and then write down what they want if it doesn’t workout. What that says is this. What’s mine is mine and as much of what’s yours that I can take is mine. There is no sense of commitment but the eagle takes love more seriously than humans do. And it is shown in several ways.

I. Love is shown in their passion.

The eagle begins to take care of himself when he is about one year old. He will now go out from his parents and become a loner for about three years. During this time he is establishing his identity. Other birds will call him but he doesn’t pay them any attention. He has set his affections on things above and doesn’t want to be pulled down by those who do not want to fly as high as he does not even the female eagle. What does this say about peer pressure? But after about three years, he has learned to provide for himself and is capable of reproducing. When he finds the female bird that he is attracted to, he begins to play a game of tag with her but she wants something more exciting and challenging. She takes a dive to the ground and picks up a stick and carries it to about 10,000 feet. She starts a figure ‘8’ flight pattern with that male right behind her. Suddenly she drops the stick. That male turns quickly and starts a dive and catches the stick before it hits the ground. She does this several times and each time the stick gets heavier and the altitude decreases until she is flying at an altitude of less than 500 feet and the stick weighs as much as she does. She will drop the stick and if he catches it before it hits the ground she has found her mate for life. Both of them will then fly to an altitude between 10,000 and 15,000 feet. That female eagle will then turn and fly on her back with her feet outstretched. The male eagle will come down to her and lock talons in mid-air. They will start turning head over heels in the air and all the time they are screaming at each other with joy. They have not only joined hands; they have joined hearts in matrimony. Neither of those eagles will ever leave their nest. They take their marriage vows seriously and both of them are virgins when they marry. Do you know what happens to 50% of marriages today? They come to the altar wearing a parachute so if the marriage doesn’t work out they can back out. They join hands and tell each other lies and never join hearts. And more often than not they have already sampled the milk before they bought the cow. Neither are virgins. Now if you don’t know what that means I feel sorry for you. But not only is their love seen in the passion,

II. Love is shown in their provision.

After those wedding vows are taken, they find their rock where they will build their nest. When that nest is complete it will weigh between one and two tons. Now they are ready to start their family. Notice the order of things. We see their provision through two things.

1. They provide through commitment to their young. Even though it is springtime, in the mountains there is still snow on the ground. That mother eagle will lay 1-3 eggs though she can only raise 2 eaglets at a time. Now she is committed to that nest until the snow melts or the eggs hatch in order to keep them warm. But that father eagle is committed too. Now he is the sole provider of food for his wife. He brings her breakfast in bed every day. But he provides something else for her. While she is on that nest he will walk over to her and put his face against hers and show his affections for her while she is nesting. That nest is safest place in the world for those eggs and babies. Do you know that today one of the most unsafe place for a baby is in the womb? 1.6 million babies die each year in the womb due to abortion. Now we are hearing of more and more babies who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Now that says something about the mother, what about the father. Some young boy goes out to ‘prove his manhood’ and he gets some young girl pregnant. Then he turns his back on her and accepts no responsibility for his actions. All that proves is how much of a man he isn’t! There are a lot of cases; if they were married, where there comes that time when the physical pleasures of marriage may become uncomfortable and even dangerous. Rather than nudging up the cheek to cheek with his wife, he goes out and finds satisfaction with someone else. And again that shows how much of a man he isn’t. He shows no commitment.

2. They provide through the character they give the young. Those parents begin building character into the eaglets the minute they are born. They learn who they are and whose they are from day one. Mama and daddy don’t expect them to act like full-grown eagles when they are first-born into the family. They have to be taught and allow them to mature as they grow. While we understand that kids will be kids, sometimes we fail to see that in the church. We go out and bring people in from all walks of life and every situation imaginable and we expect them to act like they have been Christians for years. And at the same time they look at us and say, ‘well if you are mature, I don’t want to grow up.’ We can’t expect them to fly without a net. The home and the church should be called Eagle University where we teach them to fly and catch them when they fall. We are here to build character. (Deut. 6:4-9)

III. Love is shown through their protection.

The mother and the father provide that protection.

1. She covers them from the elements. Ps. 57:1 I told you how the mother eagle covers her young in the storm and protects them from the wind and the rain. I will elaborate on this.

2. She conquers all the enemies. The eagle’s number 1 enemy is the same as yours and mine; the serpent. That serpent will crawl up that rock and try to get to those eggs and destroy the eagle before it is born. Now what does that say about abortion? Or after they hatch, while mom and dad are hunting food, he will slither up and try to steal and kill the young. But those babies let out a cry of despair and within seconds’ mama or daddy one has gotten that snake in their claws. They will take him up and crush him on the rock. Satan is a thief and he cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy. But one day God came down from heaven, snatched him up in His claws and crushed him against the Rock of Ages – Jesus Christ as He hung on Calvary’s Cross. God shows his love for us through His passion on Calvary, His provision on Calvary and His protection of Calvary. Eagles—where is our passion, provision, and protection?


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