USA’s 2nd Civil War

Geographic boundaries are not part of this civil war. There is no North vs. South. Some might argue color is expressed in this 2nd civil war. It isn’t like the first. There is no Gray vs. Blue in this struggle. Politics played a role in the first civil war. It plays a role in this 2nd civil war. 

Weapons of the first Civil War included guns, propaganda, and divisive speech. Weapons of this 2nd Civil War doesn’t include guns, least not like the first. This civil war uses rocks to bust out storefront windows, riots in the street with people behaving more like caged animals unleashed on the public than actually being civil in their protests. Starting fires and destruction of vehicles and property in general. I fail to see how this advances their cause. 

Propaganda and divisive speech are as volatile as any gun. The Hollywood Celebrities have taken on the role of mandating the morality of the USA! “Thanks but no thanks.” I refuse to allow the immoral to set the standard for what is right and wrong. I could care less which side of the war you are on. You don’t set the tone. You don’t establish the standard. 

This 2nd civil war has the element of human rights in it just as the first civil war. Where in the first it was the rights of slaves to be free, in this 2nd civil war it is the rights any specific person or group wants. It includes those confused about their sexuality who want to be free to go against the ‘Standard’ and decide for themselves what gender they really are, regardless of biological makeup,  and who they are really attracted to. To carry out this initiative means changing the laws of the land based on a standard opposed to such deviant behavior. It isn’t a far stretch to see those wanting to approve of pedophilia and beastilality as a human rights issue! 

I can’t say for certain what was the most potent weapon of the first civil war but I am convicted what is the most potent weapon of this 2nd (though not official declared as) civil war. It is without any doubt of mine, the great American media conglomerates! They are the ones fostering ideas, plans, themes, schemes and actions to fuel civil unrest. 

I do not trust any news media. You have news venues classified as conservative, liberal, religious, fake, and the list goes on. They operate like the pack of dogs where a rock was thrown into the group. The one yelping the loudest is the one hit. The news media that yelps the loudest is the one getting their agenda heard. 

They make it a point to call attention to what others may not see or even care about just so they can cast discord. It advances their ratings too! I don’t trust media at all. I’d rather blow my nose than watch the news. More times than not I’d get more truth out of my nose than their newscast! 

Our local news runs an hour and a half with a thirty minute national news dividing the last third of their telecast. Two hours total. So driven are they to share their biased and agenda filled perspective they’ll repeat themselves within that two hours. It rolls around again four hours later. Multiply that by four major networks ( NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) and the vast number of networks devoted only to news (CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, HEADLINE NEWS) just to start the list.

The public is partially at fault cause we listen to their weapons of divisive reporting. I know personally how one ‘investigative’ news reporter didn’t share all the facts of a recent news report and the damage it has done. She will give answer to that. And for that reason I do not trust her reporting. 

There is an undeclared Civil War in the USA. Human rights is the platform. The real issue in not human rights. The real real issue is absolute truth! America wants to get their absolute truth from the leanings of the individual citizen. You cannot get absolute truth concerning morals, human rights and sexuality from immoral, dishonest humans demanding their own particular rights. 

Absolute truth has to come from a source that knows what absolute truth really is. Where then is the place of Absolute Truth? It is found from Almighty God in the Person and work of Jesus Christ revealed in the Holy Scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therein lies the struggle. This civil war is the result of those who wish to go against receiving the absolute truth of the Bible to form their own vs. those who want to allow the Holy Bible to be The Absolute Truth which governs our nation. 

Whose side you own? Yours or God’s?

Until next time,


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The Holy Spirit’s Fruit

There is one fruit that gushes forth from the Holy Spirit. It is the fruit of love. Many people will site Galatians 5:22-23 and mention the ‘fruit(s)’ of the Holy Spirit. A close study reveals only one fruit. The rest of the emotions mentioned are positive seeds coming from Love. 

With love comes joy, peace, kindness, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, temperance and so on. Those are the positive seeds of love. 

Realistically there is a strong negative seed of love. It is the seed or emotion of ‘hurt.’ Hurt is magnified where there is love. It intensifies the hurt when love is in it’s company. It is worse when a friend whom you love hurts you than some stranger you hardly know.

Think about it for a bit. Then let me know what you think.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Let us not become boastful, challenging one another, envying one another.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:22-26‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Until next time 


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A Pastoral Experience

As a pastor you’re bound to have varied experiences. Some kinda funny. Others not so much. Because this is based on a true story I have decided to change a name to protect the privacy of others. 

Allen (not his real name) was a deacon. He had served many years and was experienced in the servant role of a deacon. He was a senior adult and often rode with me to make pastoral visits. He knew everybody and seldom met a stranger. 

Our plan on this day was to visit a home bound senior woman whose health was failing fast. She was living with her family. Unfortunately the living conditions were not good. Not good at all. The place was filthy. Trash was everywhere. The home needed to be condemned. Trying to get the residents to acknowledge the issue only brought anger. More than once the city came and condemned the place until they cleaned it up. 

Allen and I decided this woman needed ministering to. The  living conditions were not going to prevent us. So we went to visit. We had been there before and knew what we were walking into. We pulled up outside and sat in the car long enough for me to share some instructions with Allen. 

We expected to see roaches. Lots of roaches. We had before and nothing had changed this time. I told ‘Allen’ we would not stay long. We would not sit down. We would see to their needs, at least the ones they would let us, and have prayer with them. Especially the senior adult woman who health was very poor and could not do for herself.

I instructed ‘Allen’ saying to him, “I have never asked anyone to do this but I’m asking you. When I pray I want you to keep your eyes open and watch for roaches. If one crawls on me, I want you to get it off.” Yes, the living conditions were that bad. He agreed to my request. 

We approached the front door and was immediately greeted with the stench reeking from inside. No one had answered the door yet! I reminded Allen of our agreement. Just then the door opened and a family member ushered us in. 

There we stood in the middle of their small living room. The sick woman was laying in a bed in the living room. We spoke for a bit. Gave her some things from the church. Allen and I noticed the deplorable living conditions including the bugs. I really felt awful for the woman and her family. However, they just refused to take care of the place or each other! 

It was time to pray. I made eye contact with Allen as if to remind him of his duty, watch for roaches and get them off of me if one got on me. I called the family to prayer, bowed my head, closed my eyes as to lead the family to do the same and began praying. 

As I stood in the middle of that room and prayed, I immediately felt something in my hair! I took my hand and brushed my head. Again, I felt it. It was close to where I had just taken my hand and swiped my head. I’m thinking, Allen why ain’t you getting this? A third time I felt it in my hair. I’m trying to concentrate on the prayer but I was honestly getting mad at Allen for not watching like I asked. The thought of a roach in my head was working on me. 

I concluded the prayer, gave Allen a stern look and noticed how he was fighting back a smile! I’m really getting bothered with him now! I took a step towards the front door and noticed what I felt. Instead of what I thought was a bug in my hair turned out to be the draw string hanging from a lightbulb which they used to turn their light on and off. Boy was I relieved. 

Allen however just did make it outside before laughing his head off at my expense. He had kept his eyes open and had seen me swipe at the string and just knew I was thinking it was a bug. Thus a little humor in an otherwise very serious situation. 

Perhaps you are bothered about the living conditions more than the slight bit of humor and are wondering about was done. Without going into any details I will say Allen and I addressed and remedied the conditions however short-lived it was. 

Until next time, 


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Blind Faith

My dad was born blind. He attended school for the deaf and the blind. His was blind his entire life, up until the day he died. Dad died at age seventy. He would be ninety-six today. His life was one of challenges just like yours. His blindness only created added struggles. 

I heard my dad on many occasions describe his blindness as a nuisance when most people called it a handicapped. He didn’t consider himself handicapped, only hindered. It was because the mindset of the general public that blind people could not contribute to society that helped lead dad to begging. 

He loved mom and they had four kids. The first one died shortly after birth. There was my sister, me ( the middle child – don’t you feel sorry for me?), and my little brother. 

Dad chose to learn to play chords on a guitar and to set out to playing gospel music at various locations to seek financial help from people. I do not recall why he didn’t seek government help through the welfare system or food stamps. I don’t remember him ever saying. I know dad was a proud man and felt there was something he could do to earn a living. Perhaps playing gospel music was something he thought people would like to hear as they shopped, went to work, or to entertainment venues? 

It was on one of those trips when dad’s faith was called into question. The three of us kids would take turns standing with dad as he ‘worked.’ We held our cup. The location of this instance was what was called a ‘shopping center’ in them days. The store was named ‘Sky City.’ Odd name for a department store as I think think on it. (Pardon me, I digress.) 

A woman came up to dad as he was playing gospel music on his guitar. She spoke to dad saying, if you had the faith you’re singing about then you wouldn’t be blind and walked away. Dad was naturally bothered. He was, in fact, a man of faith. The three of us kids often made it hard on dad when he would make us get up and go to church. We didn’t want to go. 

The only clothes we had for church were the Easter clothes the three of us got every Easter. That was when we got our church shoes too. We got picked on, made fun of. We felt unacceptable. We didn’t measure up to the social economical status of the membership. 

I was too young to understand the woman’s remark to dad. I saw how it upset him. I’m older now and have studied the Holy Bible. I continue to do so. I’ve gone to Bible College and Seminary. I understand a little more why the woman felt the way she did. I don’t understand why she had to make the statement and leave. Least she could have done was given her explanation and heard from dad. 

It is my conviction that Jesus didn’t heal every single person he met during His earthly ministry. I don’t believe every single person is healed today and it is not due to a lack of faith. There are people of faith who continue in there need of healing whose miracle is not a healing but an enabling to endure in the midst of it. 

Dad was a blind man of faith. Before he died he expressed to me his conviction, repentance, and acceptance of Jesus as his personal Savior. He renewed his faith. Like us of the Christian community, we have our mountain tops and our valleys. We too need to surrender to divine conviction, repent, and accept the forgiveness of Jesus. 

As dad aged, society progressed. A Commission for the Blind was established in our state and dad was trained to manage a concession stand where the profit would be his earnings. He started out operating a concession stand in the local Federal Building, to one at the local college, and another in a large office building. 

Pancreatic cancer took dads life in 1991. He went into the hospital for what was thought to be gall bladder surgery. The doctor said he had two weeks. I refused to believe it. It was ten days when I got the call to get to the hospital.

Once was blind, but now I see

Until next time,


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The One Word Standing In Our Way

“Only God can judge me.”

“Who are you to tell me what I can or can’t do?”

“Mine your own business.”

“You think you’re so good, just a ‘holier than thou’ religious fanatic.”

These are only a drop in the bucket of excuses you hear from people when confronted with their personal sins. Their sin is their private matter and not anyone else’s.  They fail to see where their sin affect the people around them. The sins of a parent affect the children just as those of the children affect the parents. Same is true between spouses. 

Let’s go a step farther and repeat the position claiming the sins of church members affect the whole church. Is it not true? Warning, this was a rhetorical question.  It is true. There is no such thing as an isolated sin.

Have you noticed statements similar to this being repeated the last few months? They go something like, ‘our nation needs to get back to God.’ The church is calling on the world to repent but the world is not listening because the church has lost its intergrity. The world is calling on the church to repent and clean up their own house! The church needs to repent. The world sees no accountability in the church. There is no difference between them and threatrical productions. The gospel is not used to draw people into the church. Rather it is celebrity preachers, performers, and personalities. The focus is on entertainment not evangelism, singers not salvations, benefits not baptisms and doctorate degrees instead of devoted disciples. 

Strangely, there is a great mass who agree repentance is needed. However, I proposed, there is one word we must get past if there is to be genuine repentance. That one word is REBUKE

Nobody likes it. Doesn’t matter if you are saved or not, in church or not, active disciple or not. No one likes to be rebuked. To rebuke another person is to invite their contempt. Their anger swells and the comparisons begin. I’m not as bad as …! 

Some of the ones who coil up at being rebuked are the rebukers. Namely, pastors. You try to rebuke a minister; get ready for it. Passages from the Holy Bible become weapons of attack and justification. These preachers motto is, I can preach (rebuke) you but don’t you dare try that with me. 

It’s no wonder the world looks at the church with disdain. Preachers smoking like coal factories, consuming alcoholic beverages with the best of them, flirtatious adulterous shameful displays of worldliness. They shame the face of Christ. 

There is not going to be a revival of repentance and Christ-centered living until all the people of God are willing to hear rebuke, accept rebuke, and settle the issue. Do I dare call out your sin? Do I dare rebuke you? Do I dare hear rebuke for my own sin? Only with the Lord’s help. 


The devil is not the only one who needs to be rebuked!

Until next time,


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God talked to Himself

As a child I was told that it wasn’t good to talk to yourself. As I grew older I learned others say it was okay to talk to yourself, just don’t answer yourself. Doing so may land you committed to an institution! 

Get the room ready because I not only talk to myself, answer myself, but also carry on a complete conversation with myself. It’s all done quietly within the brain waves bouncing around in my head. I personally think it is a good thing to talk to yourself, to answer yourself and to even carry on a conversation with yourself. Doing so can keep you out of trouble! 

Imagine my surprise when I read where God talked to Himself. God talked to God. There are many instances in the Holy Bible. The following is one instance. 

16 But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray. (‭Luke‬ ‭5‬:‭16‬ NASB)

Every time Jesus {God the Son} prayed to God {The Father}, He was talking to Himself. Wrap your head around that. Doesn’t sound right does it? However aren’t they both God? What do you think?


Until next time,


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God is Real Hope

Our world, your life, is filled with heartache and despair. If not right this moment, just give it a little time. The Ole preachers of days gone by would say you are either in the midst of trials and troubles, coming out of them or headed into the valleys of trials and trouble. That my friend is the true reality show. Display the family, the person, the church and visit the trials they are all going through.

From children killing and getting killed, to crime in the workplace, infidelity now a recreational sport, and the church throwing away words like sin, repent, hell, and the blood of Jesus. I had the sad experience of sitting where the pastor went nine weeks without telling the complete gospel story and didn’t speak of sin but of how to behave better and for an invitation to suggest the people go see someone else if his “lesson” leads them to want to “talk to someone.” The pastor shouldn’t be the only person to go to but should be One of them! 

The people of God who seek to live as such can be so caught up in the tragedies of life that hope begins to wane. I truly believe the answers to our tragedies and the despair in life is hope. Naturally, or should I say spiritually, it is the Hope of Jesus Christ. Living like Jesus desires for us will not take away all trials but will lessen despair and provide what is needed to live a victorious life. 

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13 NASB)

1. The Resource for our Hope. (God)

You can look in the self help books but hope will not be found there. 

Neither will you find it in religion, other gods, nature or each other. 

Only in your personal, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior will you know true hope. 

2. The Results of our Hope. (Joy and Peace)

Galatians 5:22-23

Joy and Peace may not come at the same time! 

Just how many people do you find in your daily paths who display a real peace and spiritual joy? 

Do you?
3. The Requirement for our Hope. (Belief)

The crux of the matter of living, nourishing and sustaining hope is found in our relationship with Jesus. To have a relationship with Jesus YOU must believe. 

The requirement is in this one word: BELIEVE. 

You simply can not just talk the talk but walk the walk!

4. The Reaches of our Hope. (Abound)

The meaning of abound: Abundant, very plentiful. 

Hope found in Jesus Christ reaches beyond the end of your earthly journey. 

It reaches into our despair, 

It reaches into our disappointments, and 

It reaches into our eternal destiny.

5. The Renderer of our Hope. (Holy Spirit)

Hope is empowering. 

It strengthens, 

It encourages, 

It indwells the believer with confidence. 
The reason is the power of the Holy Spirit. 
You are not without help! You are not alone! You are empowered with the might of Holy God!

My hope is built on nothing less

Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;

I dare not trust the sweetest frame,

But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
When darkness veils His lovely face,

I rest on His unchanging grace;

In every high and stormy gale,

My anchor holds within the veil.
His oath, His covenant, His blood

Support me in the whelming flood;

When all around my soul gives way,

He then is all my hope and stay.
When He shall come with trumpet sound,

Oh, may I then in Him be found;

Dressed in His righteousness alone,

Faultless to stand before the throne

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;

All other ground is sinking sand,

All other ground is sinking sand.

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